Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Design*Sponge & the home of Kristy Chambers

Kristy Chambers.

She's flippin hilarious.

I first met Kristy a few months back after she hired me to do some design & photography work for her.  I invited myself over to her house to photograph her portrait.

Things got out of hand.

A few portrait pictures turned into an entire afternoon home shoot. My eye balls couldn't stop bouncing around her tiny abode & I snapped away while Kristy made me multiple cups of coffee, fed me her home cooked pumpkin pie & had me in stitches. The fangirl in me was born right there alright.

Welcome inside her home.

Earlier in the year a friend Marlin handed me Kristy's book Get Well Soon! My (Un)Brilliant Career as a Nurse,'  I love a good recommendation! After reading Benjamin Law's quote on the front cover  > 'one of the most distressingly funny book I have ever read' I was sold. I gobbled it up & laughed, cringed & almost cried (I'm a hard nut).

Check out her website and get yourself a copy online here via Amazon.

I was rather (VERY) pleased when Design *Sponge featured the shoot, a home like this deserves to be seen by the world.

 It's a real home. Nothing was changed or moved according to a stylists direction. My favourite (especially Australian) home blogs + home magazines have forsaken me for staged, over styled spaces featuring perfectly placed lives, styling laced with money,  no real clutter, mess, flaws, chaos or visible obsession. Lots of carefully chosen clutter (the worst).

I'm so glad Design*Sponge features raw spaces and real homes like this. Thanks to Grace &  Amy at D*S for being so cool ... all way from NY!

Kristy has only just relocated to the big smoke (NY!) to follow her love and career. Keep up to date with her hilarious updates on twitter and check out her website (I worked with the wonderful Ili Tulloch, collaborator and friend to help create).

All images taken by me, Joanne Thies -  Canon 30d.

Jo x


Virginia Das Neves said...

Hi Joanne
Are you the photographer who took pics at the Afghanistan After Dark event? The photo of my friend and I wasn't published so I would like to get a copy of it. How do I go about that? Our names were Marysia A. and Virginia D. (not putting our full names on here). Shame it didn't get published!

I Love Saturdays said...

Hi Virginia! Sure is me! You have a stalking skill! Can you shoot me an email joannethies(at) and I can reply, thanks!